Monday, April 14, 2008

New Friends for a New Playground!

March and April have been exciting months for the PfP Bethlehem project! I received a wonderful invitation to journey up to Traverse City during the end of March. I was a guest of MidEast Just Peace. I spoke at their meeting as well as offering a presentation to Immanuel Lutheran Church and the Potter's House, UCC. I was impressed and deeply moved by the stories I heard - there is so much solidarity for this cause in Traverse City! I was able to raise over $1500 toward the construction of the playground. Thanks to Gina and everyone else in Traverse City, I very much look forward to visiting again soon.
We also hosted a concert at Park Church last week to raise some money - thanks to Bates and Foote, High Five and Who Hit John? for playing some great music for a good cause.

As I begin to finalize the summer's plans, I'm becoming more and more excited - we're getting closer to our financial goal and the playground is moving closer to becoming a reality.