Friday, June 27, 2008

Slowly healing

But I'm pretty sure I'm getting better. Thanks to Dr. Susan for the differential diagnosis at a distance. Rehydration seems to be working. I'll be back up to full speed by next week, hopefully.

Attended the prayers at Al Khader today. Every Friday men young and old gather to say prayers in front of the apartheid wall. It was very moving and very peaceful. I'll have some pictures up soon.

In the mean time, here's a video I took of a Palestinian glassblower making a vase, start to finish:


Palestinian heart said...

Nathan - I know this shop!! I have pictures with the same man in the same location in Hebron! beautiful!

Nathan Dannison said...

Yeah he was totally awesome - I told him I was a blacksmith and he gave me a really amazing inside-out tour of his forge. One of the largest I've ever seen - it has a 500 kilo glass reservoir in it. These guys are my heroes - hard-working, absolutely unwilling to give an inch to the occupiers - he was so incredibly proud to talk about his family and how long they had been working glass in Hebron.