Sunday, June 29, 2008

Briefly -

I'll give a more significant update when I get the rest of my video footage up on youtube - but for now I'm happy to report that I'm much healthier and now that the Salsa family has graciously loaned me their camera I've been able to take some new photos. They're available in the Bethlehem album on the lower right side of this page.

Visited a prayer service at Al Khadr last Friday, went to Shabbat services at the Western Wall on Saturday and I'm stoked to go see a football match projected onto the apartheid blockade here in Bet Sahour tonight. I love you all very much - looking forward to returning to my work with the Red Crescent on Tuesday.

Also, I was profoundly bored while homebound and sick so I designed a t-shirt for a made-up event for a made-up Palestinian organization that I made-up. :D The Palestinian National Disc Golf Association! (I'm kind of homesick for disc golf, I guess, of all things.) You can see/buy it my cafe press store.

(yeah... I also opened a store at cafe press called West Bank Awesome. heh.)

I beat dysentery! That should win me like, 1000 bonus world traveler points.

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