Thursday, May 29, 2008


It's really incredible how much we've learned in such a small amount of time - Emily and Evan and I have been on emergency-care overload. I'm excited to begin working in the Lander emergency room with my sis tomorrow - we'll be in on Friday and Saturday. Next week is filled with finals - both practical and written exams - and then on Sunday I depart for Taize.
I'm incredibly excited to be completing this training - I think emergency preparedness is important for everyone but especially for those individuals who plan on doing work in developing countries. Also, it's stressful and fun and fast-paced - three things that seem to appeal to me at some basic level. I look forward to continuing my EMT education and possibly working as a volunteer medic at the clinic in Beit Sahour - we'll see what happens when I get there.
Hope all is well stateside! Wish you were here.

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